What can we offer?

InSiTu training activities aim to decrease vulnerability in cases of threat to safety and well-being by strengthening you and your organisation’s internal capacity to manage in safe and secure ways.
Because of the increasing number of critical incidents targeting field-based staff, pre-mission preparedness for those traveling into hazardous locations must now be considered an essential bolt-on for all newly recruited staff.

Our Personal Safety Program is designed, therefore, to meet your individual needs in overall security awareness and practical strategies to improve the security and safety of yourself, your dependants and property worldwide as you travel to, within or between duty stations.
Our Operational Security Management workshops build on the capacity and skills of field managers and those responsible for the day-to-day programming of staff and assets; with the aim of sharing and strengthening the knowledge base and analytical skills necessary to identifying and mitigate threats.

What do we do?

We know that accidents and security incidents happen, so what we aim to do through this program is to prevent the preventable accident by honing our responses and reactions. By doing so, we increase the probability that we will survive the unpreventable incident.
Our programs draw heavily upon the personal experiences of project field staff and security professionals involved in humanitarian relief and emergency activities, all too often in hostile environments. We know from our joint experiences working in the field, that the best way to be safe on the job is avoiding trouble first, rather than try to extricate ourselves later on.
Because we value the unique experience of each person in the room in examining how best to achieve this aim, we set up an atmosphere of action learning through use of current case studies, simulation exercises, small group work, inter-active presentations, video and guided discussion.

Core Training Modules

What We Offer

Our Operational Security Management approach is not just about managing risk but about managing staff, assets and programs that are at risk in any given location. Our aim is to assist field managers to think through risk, risk control, incident and crisis management in their specific location.
We focus on identifying both threats and opportunities using the international standard ISO 31000 definition for risk “the effect of uncertainty on objectives" as our fundamental starting point and apply a number of security awareness concepts, tools, and Risk Treatment Options to exploit positive opportunities for safe engagement where they exist.
The trademark of our programs are high levels of interaction and exchange facilitated by experienced trainers who are capable of modifying and adapting to emerging needs.
These workshops aim to arrive at concrete action points and recommendations so that the end of the training event is the beginning of a process of change and commitment. How to mainstream security management within your programming is a major focus of our workshops.

Core Learning Modules

Operational Security Management