About Us

Louise Robinson

Director and Founder, INSITU-TRAINING

Lou has 20 years of professional experience in international humanitarian operations with the United Nations, government and non-government organisations. Her skill set transfers into training facilitation on emergency preparedness and disaster response with a special focus on humanitarian start-up operations, security risk management and training of trainers. Prior to this she served in the Australian Army (Signals and Medical Corps) before joining the UN’s World Food Program (WFP) as a professional emergencies officer from 1995- 2005.
Active learning events include delivering multiple HA/DR workshops and Train the Trainer’s in China, North Korea, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, East Timor, Ethiopia, Egypt, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, DR. Con-go, Senegal, Cameroon, Iraq, Jordan, Yemen, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Italy, UK, USA and Japan.

Lou has designed and delivered the field safety training “Travel Smart” series for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, project managed WFP’s e-Learning project “Getting Ready for Emergencies,” is a mentor to Japanese associates of the Hiroshima Peacebuilders Centre Peace for Asia Program and lead facilitator for the Australian Government’s Rapid Response Team Training, SEA-PAC Regional Emergency Preparedness workshops, and Australian and New Zealand Medical & Surgical Teams response to international disasters. Lou has recently returned from Liberia as the WHO Training Coordinator for West Africa for the 2014 Ebola response.

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Paul Bolger

Senior Associate Consultant

Paul has forty years’ experience in environmental engineering, geology and hydrogeology. He has worked for a number of Governments, UN, Private sector and Non-Government organisations on projects in Australia, USA, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Timor Leste Namibia, Sierra Leone, Chad, and Ethiopia.
He is senior humanitarian trainer and was involved in the design and delivery of Emergency Preparedness and Response training, including the specialised technical elements of WASH and camp planning in Australia and overseas. His humanitarian field experience includes camp planning and provision and coordination of Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services for refugee and internally displaced communities affected by conflict and natural disaster in Asia and Africa.

Paul has also worked on numerous water resource development and protection projects covering a wide range of contamination, solid waste disposal and municipal and industrial effluent projects.


Mark “Squiz” Squirrell

Senior Associate Consultant

Squiz served with the Australian Defence Force during the 1990’s as an Infantry Officer before transitioning across to the International Rescue Committee as a Security Officer in Timor Leste, Sudan and Afghanistan and as an Emergency Preparedness Trainer in Albania.
Squiz moved to the World Food Programme (WFP) in 2003 as a Field Security Officer in the occupied Palestinian Territories and was subsequently posted with WFP to Nepal and Sri Lanka. In 2008 he returned to Australia and began delivering training to the corporate, NGO and government sectors in humanitarian assistance and disaster response.

As an Associate consultant, Squiz uses his life experiences to deliver practical trainings using recognized pedagogical design for organizations like New Zealand’s Medical Assistance Teams, Australian Government’s “Civilian Corp”, and corporate businesses such as KPMG and corporate mining, Rio Tinto. Squiz prepares Security Risk Assessments and Operational Plans for a variety of organizations such as International Development Law Organisation, Malaria Consortium and World Vision. Squiz is currently on the emergency roster for WFP and has recently deployed in this capacity to Somalia, Pakistan and Liberia for the EVD (ebola) response.

Squiz holds a Bachelor of Business (HRM) and has published a memoir titled From Arafat to Everest.


Marion Orchison

Senior Associate Consultant

Marion is a professional training coordinator with 14 years’ experience, 8 of which have been in the humanitarian and development sectors. Her experience has included humanitarian operations in program management for CARE in the Asia Pacific as well as coordination and evaluative work with UN agencies in South Sudan. Within the training sphere Marion has progressed from academic teaching to take responsibility for the design, delivery and evaluation of humanitarian training programs in Southeast Asia, Papua New Guinea Asia, South Sudan and across Europe as well as facilitation of country-level preparedness workshops in the Asia pacific. Marion specialises in coordinating inter-agency events and providing advisory support to improve training and evaluation methods.
In her role as the coordinator of the standby partner training secretariat in Geneva, Marion has been responsible for building collaborative approaches to training between the 24 standby partners and 7 UN receiving agencies. Her work in the secretariat focused on promoting harmonized approaches to training design, delivery and evaluation from development of competency frameworks that underpin training design to mentoring presenters and delivering training of trainers events.

Prior to her work with the training secretariat Marion was a trainer and then senior trainer with RedR Australia, responsible for design, delivery and evaluation of courses in the Asia Pacific for RedR roster members, NGOs, the Australian Government and delivery support to events run by UNICEF, UNHCR and WFP.


David Neville

Senior Associate Consultant

David is a professional trainer with more than 15 years experience in the humanitarian sector, 10 years of which were involved directly in training and education. He has developed, trained and evaluated a wide range of courses for Non for Profit organisations, the United Nations and private companies across the spectrum of Sphere Minimum Standards, Security & Risk Management, Humanitarian Logistics and Essentials of Humanitarian Practise - the latter two as Course Coordinator/senior Associate Trainer to RedR Australia.

David’s speciality is bespoke course design for organisations in specific geographic locations using his considerable humanitarian experience to make events as relevant and operationally specific as possible. Examples of his ability to design and facilitate courses across a wide range of disparate environments and organisations includes Training of Trainers (ToT) courses for IOM in the Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Security Risk Management training for commercial refinery Wilmar Sugar in Northern Australia, Emergency Logistics training for UN staff in South Sudan, Sphere ToT’s for Government of Fiji, and organisational specific scenario’s testing operational readiness for Oxfam Australia.


Leonie Barnes

Senior Associate Consultant

After serving seventeen years in the United Nations in various peace-keeping operations and with several UN development and response agencies and programs, Leonie’s expertise in international development and relief services fills a gap in the area of information and knowledge management.
She has academic qualifications in training and development and this combined with her presentation and public speaking skills make her a highly sought after and skilled facilitator in security risk assessment & management of humanitarian operations in a field environment.

Leonie was employed as Senior Advisor to the Swiss Government’s ODA programs in support of transitions from international to national standards for program management including budget forecasting and financial asset management. As such, capacity building and development of national staff through writing and delivering specific training programmes to support transitioning from international standards, norms and treaties to nationally developed and implemented standards are areas of particular interest for her.

Prior to this Leonie spent 12 years in the Australian Army, serving in the Army Bomb squad; a skill she translates into her current technical knowledge and skills set in United Nations Mine Action.


Rich Parker

Colleague and Advisor

Rich Parker has been a full-time humanitarian trainer with RedR Australia before transitioning to OCHA Geneva as their surge capacity trainer for the Emergency Services Branch.
After graduating in 2000 in psychology and the UK Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Rich embarked on a 6 year frontline career as an officer with the British Army. He served in command, training and HQ appointments on peace support missions to Afghanistan, Northern Ireland and the jungle regions of Central America.

Upon leaving the military, Rich worked as a training consultant in the expedition sector, leading and preparing personnel for humanitarian projects in Eastern and Southern Africa.

He has specialist expertise in security management, remote field operations, team and leadership development and INSITU-TRAINING is enriched to have close working relations with him as the OCHA surge trainer. We are able to draw on Rich’s support for different training project areas as needed.

Prior to this Leonie spent 12 years in the Australian Army, serving in the Army Bomb squad; a skill she translates into her current technical knowledge and skills set in United Nations Mine Action.